B2B Copywriter and Content Creator

B2B Copywriter specializing in compelling copy and marketing content for companies related to B2B SaaS tech, digital marketing, full service outbound

Oluwatobi–or Shane–has been working with us for ~4 months now and has been a great addition to our team of B2B sales writers. He’s continually improving and looking for new opportunities to provide value to our business. I highly recommend him for any of your B2B content needs.

Jeffrey Doehler

Partner, Lead Cookie


oluwatobi 'shane' dipe

I create B2B content that converts, generating over $100k in revenue across proposals, brochures, and web copy.

My background in marketing strategy, strategy, and business development drives my creation of content like blog posts, web copy, conversational copy, ebooks, newsletters, voice and video scripts, ad copy, podcasts, etc.

Looking for a full-time B2B copywriting remote role in a B2B SaaS company, digital marketing agency, or a tech startup.