I stopped collecting tracts. Here’s why…

No correlation, but it’s a fucking rad picture.

There is a stereotype that Christians in Nigeria unwittingly project.

It’s 8 am on a Sunday, you’re in your Sunday best, with a Bible in your hands and by Jove, you’re Jesus’ PA. A man or woman on the way to the grandiose place called heaven, and you going to church on a Sunday is just another gold star in their imaginary book of righteousness. The one that is based on feelings and not the truth in the scriptures.

But, and this is as big a but as can be; if you’re still in ‘home’ clothes, golly gee; you have a one-way ticket to a place of gnashing teeth. If you’ve read the Bible, then you know how terrible that place is. 

I used to be like that, except I didn’t think how you dressed was a reflection of how good a Christian you are. I mean Christians justify that having tattoos is a sin, while the same chapter of the Bible condemns men shaving off the sides of their heads. Oh my. You’re going to hell already. No doubt about that, because if you have a clean-shaven head or you’re like me who loves fades, don’t you think our suites are booked already? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

This is where it gets quite interesting, it’s some minutes before 8, and I needed to do my laundry before heading to church. Two adults who wore matching shirts and bottoms and are probably on their way to church (bless their souls), or they’re evangelizing… either way, see me in a pair of sweat pants and a sleeveless gym shirt [refer to my argument in the preceding paragraphs.] and I’m pretty sure they concluded I was a sinner.

The woman said ‘My boyfriend,’ I’m as shocked as you are and handed me a tract which I refused. Those tracts all say the same things in different ways. Jesus died for you because He loves you and He doesn’t want you to spend eternity in hell. The tracts won’t say that He wants you to spend eternity with HIM. These tracts won’t tell you about just how beautiful His love is, but this is a story for another day. I, however, did this since I was 14.

Was I harsh? Perhaps, but my logic is; if I’d collected it, that would’ve been one less potential soul saved because I would’ve thrown it away.

Also, I know what it says, I’ve told it to several people, and while I’m not the best Christian, it would’ve been unfair for me to deprive another person of reading about the Gospel of Christ that is love and sacrifice.

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