How To Deal With Post-Holiday Blues

In the middle of planning what movie to see with the family or your significant other; (whichever the case may be), and sleeping later than normal because there’s no need for the alarm clock the next day, we don’t really think about work during the holidays.

Then reality sets in, you find that alarm clock blaring at 5 am in the morning then you realize you actually have to work.

Even for the most enthusiastic, three-time employee of the month, returning to work after any break can be a chore and a bore. While you were away, the only brainstorming session you were involved in was selecting the perfect outfit to wear, and deciding which picture to post out of the near 50 you took.

We all know the familiar feeling of wanting to get right back into the thick of things, and that’s what many of us will try to do, but we know it isn’t always the best solution right away. Like the body tries to adjust after recuperating, engaging in any tasking activity will only lead to a relapse.

The onus then lies on us to figure how best to deal with this post-holiday blues

So how do you do it?

I advise getting to work early enough. You need those 20 minutes of calm to plan the day before co-workers start coming around to ask how your vacation went. That way, you can decide on what’s most important and start from there.

You’ve been away for a while so you shouldn’t expect to do the work of those days in about 9 hours. Attempting to do everything at once can get you overwhelmed and anxious, so prioritize what really needs to be done.

I find that using sticky notes helps in organizing my thoughts, that way I divide my tasks into fragments and list them all out, select the most important ones, and then start from the most urgent.

I also listen to white noise as it helps in aiding my concentration.

How do you deal with returning to work after the long break?

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