Oluwatobi ‘Shane’ Dipe

I am a poet, creative content strategist, copywriter and business strategist with experience creating compelling content, managing relationships, and projects.

As the founder and Principal Consultant of Boxofbiscuits and Company, and Boxofbsicuits Media, I help brands develop their strategic fit in their industries and improve the value of their offerings.

While not thinking of strategy, I enjoy reading and writing. Some of my works have been featured in Foliate Oak Literary Review and First Literary Review East amongst other print and online publications. I am also a 2018 Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation Ambassador of the Word in Nigeria

What I Care About

Asides the general love for cats and dogs and an intense love for rock and metal music because of the depth of lyrics and rebellious nature, I believe in the omnipotence of death. Inasmuch as life is beautiful, I believe death is even more so, and as humans we should be more focused on what will become of our memories after death. Death is the ultimate judge and jury. This should drive how we live our lives. Do you want to be remembered as a beacon of hope, or a harbinger of doom? Death tells more about us than our living ever will.

Why I Exist

Why I exist is primarily more important than what I do because it drives it. I exist to be the bridge people cross over to reach their dreams.

This means I work with people to help organize their thought process so that they can create structures to grow their businesses. This is why I created a transformative program, ‘From Idea to Reality.’

Next Steps…

If you’re a business owner, this is specifically for you. From Idea to Reality is uniquely designed to help individuals and professional entities develop a solid foundation from which they can create productivity platforms to monetize. Register now